On September 15, 1978, The first Subway® in Ohio opens at
15 E Frambes Avenue on the North Campus of The Ohio State University

Framb78.jpg (23074 bytes)

This store was open at this location until the spring of 1999, when it moved down the street to its present location at 1952 North High Street.

Framb78b.jpg (18307 bytes)
Framb80.jpg (16670 bytes) The front of the old place as it looked in 1980.
Framb82.jpg (19052 bytes) In 1982 'PM Magazine' (a channel 4 production) filmed a segment from the store on the making our famous 6 foot subs.
Framb85.jpg (13581 bytes) In 1984 we added a bread oven and started baking our own bread fresh in the store every few hours.

(Check out that old menu board)